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Fun games

June 2010 — last update June 2013

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DoudouLinux offers about 40 fun-oriented games. They have been chosen for being simple, funny or for their ability to develop dexterity, logic and/or thinking skills. These games target children from 4 years old and generally do not require being able to read.

Fun games are briefly described on this page as well as a list of links to their web sites in the following:

  1. 6 board games
  2. 3 card plays
  3. 12 logic games
  4. 5 adventure games
  5. 14 arcade games
  6. 3 sports games

NB: Foobillard and Super Tux Kart require a computer relatively recent (≥ 2002) with a video chip from the Intel or ATI brand [1].

Board games

PNG - 136.9 kb


A tile-based solitaire game with an oriental flavor. Remove tiles in matching pairs to dismantle elaborately designed stacks. Beware: only external tiles can be moved away…

PNG - 63.6 kb


Iagno is a computer version of the game Reversi, more popularly called Othello. The object of Iagno is to flip as many of your opponent’s tiles to your color as possible without your opponent flipping your tiles. This is done by trapping your opponent’s tiles between two tiles of your own color.

PNG - 36.8 kb
Gnome Mastermind

Gnome Mastermind

Mastermind is a little Mastermind™ game. The goal is to break a hidden color code following the hints that the game gives us. Several trials are allowed. For each trial, the computer indicates whether some colors are correct and if their position is correct too.

PNG - 145.8 kb


Kigo is the popular Go game, a strategic board game for two players. It is also known as igo (Japanese), weiqi or wei ch’i (Chinese) or baduk (Korean). Go is noted for being rich in strategic complexity despite its simple rules. The game is played by two players who alternately place black and white stones (playing pieces, now usually made of glass or plastic) on the vacant intersections of a grid of 19x19 lines (9x9 or 13x13 for easier games).

PNG - 63.8 kb


Glchess is a chess game, where games can be played between a combination of human and computer players..

PNG - 131.3 kb


Gmchess is a Chinese chess game (Xiangqi) against a human opponent or the computer.

Card plays

PNG - 90.2 kb


A compilation of over eighty different solitaire card games. Everything from favorites like Freecell and Klondike through to the hopelessly, pointless Clock Patience. You can spend here, many solitaire hours!

PNG - 24.5 kb


FreeCell is a solitaire-based card game played with a 52-card standard deck. It is fundamentally different from most solitaire games in that very few hands are unsolvable.

PNG - 92.6 kb


Tali is a sort of poker with dice and less money. You roll five dice three times and try to create the best hand. Your two rerolls may include any or all of your dice. Tali also supports playing Kismet.

Logic games

PNG - 21.4 kb
Cinq ou plus

Five or more

The game’s objective is to align as often as possible five or more objects of the same color and shape causing them to disappear. Unfortunately new objects appear regularly… Thus you need to both make lines and free some space to be able to move objects.

Flash - 1 kb
Gweled - Youtube


Gweled is a new version of a popular game called "Bejeweled" or "Diamond Mine". The aim of the game is to make an alignment of 3 or more gems, both vertically or horizontally by swapping adjacent gems. The more gems collapse at the same time, the higher the score you make. The game ends when there are no possible moves left.

PNG - 84 kb

Free Alchemist

This game is a variation of the classical Tetris game. Objects appear on the top of the screen and then fall down to the bottom. The difference is that objects are recombined on the ground instead of disappearing. For example, if three bottles of the same color are close to each other, they will be replaced with another bottle of upper level and so on.

JPEG - 44.6 kb


Hex-a-Hop is a hexagonal tile-based puzzle game with one simple goal: destroy all green tiles! There are infinite un-dos and no time limits – you just have to find a way to destroy all the green tiles and step on a safe tile at the end.

JPEG - 213.5 kb

Numpty Physics

Harness gravity with your crayon and set about creating blocks, ramps, levers, pulleys and whatever else you fancy to get the little red thing to the little yellow thing. :) Just make the red ball touch the yellow star using… anything that comes to your minds since you can draw what you want on screen and gravity will do the job! Numpty Physics includes a built-in editor so that you may build (and submit) your own levels.

PNG - 23.1 kb


The objective is to move the patterned block to the area bordered by green markers with as few moves as possible. To do this you need to move other blocks one by one with your mouse to clear out a path for it to move through.

PNG - 64.6 kb


The popular logic puzzle minesweeper. Find mines on a grid using hints from squares you have already cleared.

PNG - 66 kb
Quatre en ligne

Four in line

The objective of Four-in-a-row is to build a line of four of your marbles while trying to stop your opponent (human or computer) building a line of his or her own. A line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

PNG - 45.1 kb


Sudoku is a logic game with a Japanese name that has recently exploded in popularity. You have to fill 9 boxes with figures, letters or numbers from 1 to 9 so that no line, column nor 3×3 box would have any duplicates of any item, more than one time.

GIF - 12.2 kb


Gtans is a Tangram game, a Chinese puzzle. The objective is to put seven geometric shapes together to form a given shape. Shapes are animals, objects, people, etc. The set of possible shapes is incredibly rich and split into increasing difficulty order. All the pieces must be used and laid next to one another. The pieces are five triangles, a square and a parallelogram. Sometimes there is more than one solution.

PNG - 60.5 kb


Tetravex is a simple puzzle where pieces must be positioned so that the same numbers are touching each other. But pieces do not have just two sides… Your game is timed, these times are stored in a system-wide scoreboard.

PNG - 61.3 kb


The classic Russian falling-block game, Tetris. The goal of the game is to create complete horizontal lines of blocks, which will disappear. The blocks come in seven different shapes made from four blocks each: one straight, two L-shaped, one square, and two S-shaped. You score by dropping blocks fast and completing lines. As your score gets higher, you level up and the blocks fall faster.

Adventure games

PNG - 163 kb
Abe’s amazing adventure

Abe’s amazing adventure

A game where the guy you are driving has to collect keys and open doors to free his friend. Of course, he is exploring a hostile world but he has some tricks to escape…

Flash - 1 kb
Pingus - Youtube


Pingus is a classic Lemmings™-like game. The player takes command in the game of a bunch of small animals and has to guide them around in levels. Since the animals walk on their own, the player can only influence them by giving them commands, like build a bridge, dig a hole or redirect all animals in the other direction. The goal of each level is to reach the exit, for fix multiple combination of commands are necessary.

Flash - 1 kb
Super Tux - Youtube

Super Tux

SuperTux is a classic 2D jump’n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario® games. Your hero is a penguin on an ice field who has to collect coins and pass obstacles to get onto the next level. Bonuses make him grow and then able to shoot his enemies.

JPEG - 32.5 kb


The player controls the hero Chip, navigating him through his challenges. The goal of each level of the game is to find and reach the exit tile, which takes you to the next level. The exit is frequently (but not always) guarded by a chip socket. To move past the chip socket, Chip must collect a certain number of computer chips. The number of computer chips needed is different in each level. Besides chip sockets, there are also four different kinds of doors. The doors require keys in order to be opened. The doors and keys are color-coded so that you can see which keys will open which doors.

Flash - 1 kb
Tower toppler - Youtube

Tower toppler

A clone of the Nebulus game. You have to help a cute little green animal switch off some kind of "evil" mechanism. The "power off switch" is hidden somewhere in high towers. On your way to the target you need to avoid a lot of strange robots that guard the tower.

Arcade games

Flash - 1014 bytes
Hannah’s horse - Youtube

Help Hannah’s horse

An arcade game best described as a cross between pacman and fastfood. Collect the pills and carrots while avoiding the ghosts! Cute and colourful! Beware: it is really fast and you shouldn’t get a special item which reverses left and right keys roles…

PNG - 70 kb


Biniax2 is original and entertaining game. You move a pair of colors that are changed depending on the other color pairs you are crossing. Your pair is changed only if one color is common with the crossed pair otherwise you cannot pass. You have to choose the good color pair to cross to keep going forward.

PNG - 9.3 kb


BurgerSpace is a hamburger-smashing video game. The goal is to assemble hamburgers by making the hamburger layers fall from floor to floor. Use the arrow keys to move, the Ctrl key to throw pepper, and P to pause the game and resume it. The Escape key quits the game.

JPEG - 5.7 kb


A clone of the game Pang. The guy you are driving has to burst bouncing balloons while avoiding them. Each burst balloon splits into two smaller ones… Some trap doors in floors and large balloons contain extras that make you more powerful.

Flash - 1006 bytes
Circus Linux - Youtube


The objective is to move a teeter-totter back and forth across the screen to bounce clowns up into the air. When they reach the top, they pop rows of balloons and then fall back down. It is played with the mouse and is also fast…

Flash - 1 kb
Frozen bubble - Youtube

Frozen Bubble

The game mainly consists of firing randomly chosen bubbles across the board. If the shoot ends up having a clump of at least 3 bubbles of the same color, they all pop. If some bubbles were sticked only on the popping clump, they fall. In 1-player mode, the goal is to pop all the bubbles on the board as quickly as possible. In 2-players or network mode, you have to get your opponent to "die" before you; in other words, be the last one alive.

JPEG - 83.9 kb


This is yet another brick breaking game. LBreakout2 offers a challenge in more than 50 levels with lots of bonuses (gold shower, joker, explosive balls, bonus magnet …), penalties (chaos, darkness, weak balls, penalty magnet …) and special bricks (growing bricks, explosive bricks, regenerative bricks …). If you are hungry for more you can create your own level sets with the integrated level editor. There is also an experimental two player mode available on a local network.

JPEG - 40.9 kb


Magicor is a puzzle game whose goal is to extinguish fires using blocks of ice. Your character can only make ice blocks at the ground level. Ice blocks are fixed onto walls but not on the ceiling nor on the floor. Removing from an ice bar the block on the wall will make the remaining ice of the bar fall down. Levels may have one or more solutions, but thinking ahead is the key to victory in Magicor.

PNG - 454.3 kb


Monsterz is a little arcade puzzle game. The goal is to create rows of similar monsters, either horizontally or vertically. The only allowed move is swapping two adjacent monsters, but only if this creates a row of three or more. When alignments are cleared, pieces are falling from the top of the screen to fill the board again. Chain reactions give you even more points.

PNG - 29 kb


Nibbles is a game where the user controls a snake. The snake moves around the board, eating diamonds while avoiding the walls placed around it. Nibbles also features network multiplayer, and up to six evil computer-controlled worms!

Flash - 956 bytes
Nikwi Deluxe - Youtube


Catch candies and get some ice-cream! And its the same at each level… In the beginning this is quite easy, but difficulty rapidly increase with these creatures that always fight when you go past them!

JPEG - 157.6 kb


Pixbros is an arcade game quite classical, inspired by several old arcade games. You have to get rid of your enemies to go to the next level. Depending on the hero you’ve chosen, you’ll make them disappear using bubbles, snow balls or a spray. Eating fruits would give you extra abilities.

PNG - 33 kb


Pixfrogger is a simple game in which one or several user(s) control a frog. The objective is to cross the street and avoid becoming roadkill by cars and trucks. The frog starts at the bottom of the screen and can only go vertically to top. The game allows 4 players playing simultaneously with the keyboard. A fun game to teach children to be careful while crossing the street!

PNG - 31 kb


The classic robots game where you have to avoid a hoard of robots who are trying to kill you. Each step you take brings them closer toward you. Fortunately they aren’t very smart and you also have a helpful teleportation gadget.

Sports games

Flash - 1 kb
Foobillard - Youtube


A 3D billiard game. You can play different billiard games (8 ball, snooker, etc.). The hardest is to respect rules… This game will only run on machines with an Intel or ATI video chip since it relies on 3D features.

Flash - 1 kb
Super Tux Kart - Youtube

Super Tux Kart

A Super Mario Kart® inspired game. Competitors can catch items in cubes lying on the road in order to set them traps. This game will only run on machines with an Intel or ATI video chip since it relies on 3D features.

PNG - 269.2 kb


Kolf is a miniature golf game that can be played alone, against computer or with other players. Up to 10 people can play at once in competition. Kolf comes equipped with a variety of playgrounds and tutorial courses. The mouse controls both direction and ball hit force.


[1] This feature is not due to any contract we would have passed with this brand(!), but is due to the fact that Linux just embeds a 3D graphics driver natively for Intel and ATI but not for nVidia which requires a separate, proprietary driver.

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