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The computer they prefer!

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DebConf 2013

July 2013

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This presentation is designed for DebConf 2013 that will take place from the 11th to the 18th August 2013 in Vaumarcus, Switzerland. A lightning talk about DoudouLinux will be held on Saturday the 17th by the project founder, Jean-Michel Philippe. The target audience is Debian developers and supporters. The title of the lightning talk is “Why DoudouLinux matters”. The purpose is to explain why the free software community needs such project.

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PDF - 2.3 Mb
Lightning talk “Why DoudouLinux matters” at DebConf 2013, August, 11th to 18th 2013 in Vaumarcus, Switzerland.
Zip - 1.9 Mb
Lightning talk “Why DoudouLinux matters” at DebConf 2013, August, 11th to 18th 2013 in Vaumarcus, Switzerland.

1- DoudouLinux briefly


  • Debian for children from 2
  • Focused on children’s self-fulfillment
  • Aids in mastering Technology, read our manifesto
  • More than 40 language teams on Transifex
  • More than 350,000 visitors on our website

DoudouLinux reveals to children the creative, educative, cultural and fun potential that is lying dormant inside every computer.

2- Technology as a Trojan horse

Nowadays technology is everywhere.

3- Controlling our minds

Because we are entirely relying on technology.

4- Inverted paradigm of robotics

We are becoming the robots of technology.

  • 1984, Farenheit 451, etc., it’s now
  • The Android logo is you
  • Program or be programmed
  • This is not our dreamed future but…
  • Our future depends on what our children will accept or reject

5- Technology for small children

Children are targeted earlier and earlier.

  • Gaming consoles, from 3
  • Android, iOS tablets, from 3
  • TV, from 2
  • Designed to be addictive
  • Profusion of digital entertainment
  • Children stop learning skills

6- Brain wash marketing

Education starts from the earliest age.

  • McDonalds® → children brain wash
  • Nutella® → good memories of childhood
  • We need Free software for children from 2 years on
  • Linux should recall good memories
  • Free software brain washing?

7- How to succeed

Let’s make free software, free devices that are…

  • Attractive, nice and fun
  • Easy as pie, like gaming consoles
  • Good for children’s self-fulfillment
  • Safe, secure and robust
  • For children from 2

And highlight the difference!!!

8- DoudouLinux now

DoudouLinux 2.0 was published in June.

9- The future of the project

DoudouLinux is still starting out and is bursting with ideas!

  • More creative activities
  • More digital contents
  • More programming activities
  • Activities of cooperation between children
  • Put computers back into the real world
  • Develop a community of children

10- DoudouLinux and Debian

DoudouLinux wants to rely on a 100% community project.

11- Working with Debian

DoudouLinux can bring to Debian.

  • Make Debian Junior closer to DoudouLinux
  • Adopt nearly orphaned Debian packages
  • Have our packages in the official Debian archive
  • Share our patches with Debian and upstream
  • Participate in Debian events?

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