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How to translate kTuberling 0.4 sounds

February 2011

There is 2 possible ways to translate sounds for the current (0.4) version of kTuberling:

  1. to modify existing set of sounds
  2. to add support of a new language (currently unsupported by kTuberling)

Below is detailed instructions for each way.

1. These are languages currently supported by kTuberling:

  • Danish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Low-Saxon
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Serbian

Set of sounds for each language and path for each language directory are defined in layout.xml file located at /usr/share/apps/ktuberling/pics. All you should do is find proper sound set on the Web or record it with a help of your kid (which is better!) or yourself.

Note. A set for each language contains different quantity of sound files. The most comprehensive is Low-Saxon set with its 26 sounds. The less comprehensive are German and Serbian with its 11 sounds. In case set in your language is not complete and you want to improve it the best is to record it anew. Format of sound files should be Wav PCM 44 kHz 8 bit mono.

2. If your language is currently unsupported by kTuberling (and you cannot see appropriate menu command at Speech menu section) you should do the following:

  • record set of sounds
  • add to kTuberling PO file the following code
    msgid "&yourlanguagename"
    msgstr "Menu_command_in_your_language" [1]
  • add to the bottom of layout.xml the following code
      <language code="yy">

       <menuitem action="speech_yourlanguagenameinenglish">

       <sound name="xxx" file="yy/xxx.wav" />


where yy is two-letter name of your language

  • add to <Menu name="speech"> section of ktuberlingui.rc located at /usr/share/apps/ktuberling the following string <Action name="speech_yourlanguagenameinenglish"/>.
    Note. If you insert the string right after section name it will be the first at Speech menu section.
  • Submit set of sounds and 3 configuration files (kTuberling.po, layout.xml and ktuberlingui.rc) to Jean-Michel for he build a new CD.

That’s it!


[1] Use Notepad++

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