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Download development releases

June 2013

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You will find on this page the Live image files for the release under development. The development version of DoudouLinux is used to prepare for the next DoudouLinux stable version. It is not stable in terms of functionality and eventual issues; however, it works on all of its main points – particularly applications dedicated to children are all in a development status known to be stable. Of course when the development version is very close to be the future stable release, it is functioning very well.

Alternatively you may prefer use the stable version of DoudouLinux or, on the contrary, you may want to test the dailybuilds that are non-official snapshots of the development version. These builds may not be stable depending on our work progress. Release candidates, just before a new release is out, land to this section before moving to the official download section.

Download CD images

With the downloadable files below you can create a DoudouLinux CDROM to be inserted at computer boot up. If you want to create a DoudouLinux USB device (USB key or other), you can simply use this CD image file and our dedicated tool as explained in the page Creating a DoudouLinux USB key. This tool only runs under Linux but is shipped within DoudouLinux.

Version being developped
Language File Size SHA1 checksum
Arabic doudoulinux-2013-02-ar.iso 1 GB 6e35c6bea2bd2139de91cae8151ea8877cc0a401
Bengali doudoulinux-2013-02-bn.iso 1 GB 1f9fe45ff04d67bc77439d46526c55b950de9770
Czech doudoulinux-2013-02-cs.iso 1 GB 114be0573d1fbc0a04ee36ddea3524da2398db36
Danish doudoulinux-2013-02-da.iso 1 GB a01152d14fe0c474af7c8d021c399ae07e717f60
German doudoulinux-2013-02-de.iso 1 GB 468393d14b359f07dc8f4df35ee520ac2acdce2a
Greek doudoulinux-2013-02-el.iso 1.1 GB dde5fb1175fd14d04ef858164dd65b6bac81da2b
English doudoulinux-2013-02-en.iso 1.1 GB 7d06a04ecabeca8a099eb49e8eac1838144a74d0
Esperanto doudoulinux-2013-02-eo.iso 1 GB 61d97f89728b7a5abed5643636eaaa750c2e424f
Spanish doudoulinux-2013-02-es.iso 1.1 GB e470b46fb4fa79090140e2218e63cda052787fc6
Persian doudoulinux-2013-02-fa.iso 1 GB 7efba1b0c31d97f310cb7617fdecc949c9037f6f
Finnish doudoulinux-2013-02-fi.iso 1 GB 4e5bede88d5aa1751bef218a01d82b1dddb1e213
French doudoulinux-2013-02-fr.iso 1 GB 13e45159ea638656f052047f3ba0a7abe4f6c385
Galician doudoulinux-2013-02-gl.iso 1 GB bb3657b428b7432ec662eee90341464c47f207fc
Hebrew doudoulinux-2013-02-he.iso 1 GB ed7b52c6b920e71d4a19e38a5281bf18789cde59
Hindi doudoulinux-2013-02-hi.iso 1 GB 948c588032fad4700cd57c70181e055911a46c0f
Croatian doudoulinux-2013-02-hr.iso 1 GB f240ba47cc0611a75828fee08ed5501404dda836
Hungarian doudoulinux-2013-02-hu.iso 1 GB 0d80dd2ae7698daf813d86c1a9482bce95e0fe50
Armenian doudoulinux-2013-02-hy.iso 1 GB c3e6966ee6002d3a59653fea827e125d059fb671
Indonesian doudoulinux-2013-02-id.iso 1 GB 9b1dfbeb60bdb70614855c1ba0085dc13715fde3
Italian doudoulinux-2013-02-it.iso 1 GB 9dc7fd0bb27e3b46993b28ea62c098f26d32fc12
Lithuanian doudoulinux-2013-02-lt.iso 1 GB fb33babf3eb29b7c7f46db52fc1ec765f9665041
Latvian doudoulinux-2013-02-lv.iso 1 GB 9b851fa73e8d1c1e846dc45fa48392c4c03f1921
Marathi doudoulinux-2013-02-mr.iso 1 GB e8defb2db8689aa8e8de5fb8059891e960cb80bc
Malay doudoulinux-2013-02-ms.iso 1 GB 5f5b9ab1996e6db0809a2258909bf1e987985741
Burmese doudoulinux-2013-02-my.iso 1 GB ac3d8489dcb3d40b4d73bb763eff4c86d7889bfb
Norwegian Bokmål doudoulinux-2013-02-nb.iso 1 GB bbd76845e573143b6ea2b3758dd3ad789b8d195e
Dutch doudoulinux-2013-02-nl.iso 1 GB 50ab7f68fcc4b840595e2d9b6d57a25645d49abd
Norwegian Nynorsk doudoulinux-2013-02-nn.iso 1 GB 22081224afc03ad12fae95781857f47220b937fc
Polish doudoulinux-2013-02-pl.iso 1 GB df4928aee44021f40f7ec6ffb85368dd59ea2716
Portuguese (Portugal) doudoulinux-2013-02-pt.iso 1 GB 0da721031b8f53f93336eb277d2722bf96d41e78
Portuguese (Brazil) doudoulinux-2013-02-pt_BR.iso 1 GB 97fa27e085adc1062e3bfd241a23d71121412192
Romanian doudoulinux-2013-02-ro.iso 1 GB 0af74fe300bfa722f42925a5e2a368a904caf412
Russian doudoulinux-2013-02-ru.iso 1 GB 3a19ce788e741b057bd390cb306687e74e74bbce
Serbian (Cyrillic) doudoulinux-2013-02-sr.iso 1 GB c052bcbadfa7f3c140574a088ce1d7b3f5956a0d
Serbian (Latin) doudoulinux-2013-02-sr@latin.iso 1 GB c327edf58da22da8c4f819b9a59b563ecffc80f3
Swedish doudoulinux-2013-02-sv.iso 1 GB 5189ae2a046ba72d90749eababe74f1d86723e5f
Telugu doudoulinux-2013-02-te.iso 1 GB ba5187559113ce9f0142b7f41ff50092187cd7cf
Turkish doudoulinux-2013-02-tr.iso 1 GB 085b4edb41bd4c507dba31063f346a6d25c10bd6
Ukrainian doudoulinux-2013-02-uk.iso 1 GB 9332122134e74ac9d41a7ae457e906f687243659
Chinese (China) doudoulinux-2013-02-zh_CN.iso 1 GB e4cd73cca42af5397c51c6a9631e42f482cb26d3
Chinese (Taiwan) doudoulinux-2013-02-zh_TW.iso 1 GB e455bdef0ea45d7ab82b70d8ace43e1270a78c1f

File of all checksums: checksum-sha1-all (GPG signature)

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