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WARNING: this section may be still refering to DoudouLinux 1.2 Gondwana. Please browse the English section to learn about DoudouLinux 2.1 Hyperborea.


Neuester Eintrag : 11. November 2010.

You may wonder how well translated the CDROM of your language is or could be. Alternatively, translators or future translators often wonder about the workload they should expect in order to get the perfect DoudouLinux for their language. In this section we collect some information from each CD version in order to see how one version compares to those that are said to be well translated. We also provide a table which reflects our global perception of how a language is translated.

We currently monitor 2 parts of the translation work only:

  • the application icons
  • the application translations through PO files (thus using gettext)

For application icons, please refer to the page Status of application icons in this section. For PO files, we have registered DoudouLinux on the web service TransiFex. You can visit our project page to look at the translation status of each component or directly the page of your language. As there are many components, we also provide summary pages on this website for each category of application (see the page list at the bottom). Note however, that they may not be up to date.

Table of global translation status

Below, you will find an estimation of the translation quality of both our website and the DoudouLinux media, the CDROM. This way you can quickly know where help is needed for translation. Of course if your language is not in the table, this means that no translation work has started; however, this does not mean that everything still has to be translated, since there may already be a lot of translations available depending on the language.

Global translation achievement
Website CDROM
Main pages Documentation Environment Icons Education Work Multimedia Games
Arabic beginning beginning average good average good average good average good average good average good
English OK nearly OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
French OK nearly OK OK OK OK nearly OK nearly OK OK
Romanian OK nearly OK OK OK quite good OK nearly OK good
Russian OK nearly OK OK OK good OK nearly OK good
Serbian beginning not started quite good ? ? ? ? ?
Spanish good not started good good quite good good quite good good
Ukrainian not started not started average good ? ? ? ? ?

TransiFex reports

TransiFex service reports the percentage of translations achieved for each language for which a PO file is available (green bars). Alternatively it also counts the proportion of “fuzzy” translations in each PO file to give an idea of the remaining workload (gray bars). Fuzzy translations are automatically generated using a dictionary of all translation texts available for the language. This gives quite good results but needs human validation [1]. Here is an example of the chart TransiFex draws:

PNG - 13.5 kB
Doudoulinux-mouse - TransiFex

The translation files (PO files) are accessible simultaneously from TransiFex and from our source code hoster. However TransiFex files are synchronized with our source code twice a day only and may then sometimes differ from the actual files. Of course if some PO files are missing for your language, you can either try to generate them by yourself or just ask us to do this for you. Indeed we have written a script that does this job automatically!


[1] Fuzzy translations are not used at CD build so that the concerned texts appear to remain untranslated.

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