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Graphical site style

Thursday 17 June 2010

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The DoudouLinux web site has a somewhat different look since yesterday evening. Before it only had images in the body of pages, which was ginving it a style a little bit austere. Now its pages are decorated using a graphical style and I tried to make it suit the targeted DoudouLinux public: children.

This style was achieved with the vector drawing program Inkscape using many drawings from the OpenClipart library (yes because I do not draw so well, and also not so quickly…). Inkscape features a very convenient tool for searching drawings directly into the Open Clipart Gallery, for previewing them then for importing the one that seems to fit at most. Time saving is huge: about 3 days of work were required to achieve the artwork, then one day to integrate it inside the web site Html canvas… Long live free spirit!

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